The tender H2020-EEB-2016 (invitation to tender: Energy Efficient Buildings, EEB-03-2016 topic: „Integration of advanced Technologies for Heating and Cooling at building and district level”) has been calling for applicants and under the name Heat4Cool a request was submitted.


Project coordinator: Politecnico de Milano University

Other members of the consortium: SorTech Aktiengesellschaft, THERMOWATT Kft, HYPERTECH, Fundacion TECNALIA Research & Innovation, SUNAMP Ltd., AES Ltd, Balkanika Energy AD, SOLINTEL M&P Sl, Symelec Renewables Sl, IZNAB Sp. Z.o.o, European Heat Pump Association, Hochschule Luzern.


The purpose is an innovative, efficient and cost-effective solution to optimize the integration of a set of rehabilitation systems in order to meet the net-zero energy standards. Combining multiple solutions, harmonizing various systems and making sure they are monitored are all important project components. This is basically meant for buildings, campuses and city sections where there is already an existing system in place and the new technologies/ solutions are applied through modification, renewal or revision. During the project we constructed a guide at the demonstration areas based on the system complexes, which makes the project developments globally applicable. The main element of the project is with smart reconstruction with the inclusion and specification that the self-correcting intelligent building management system is integrated into solar-powered heat pumps. The heat pumps can operate through various resources one being the wastewater-heat extraction via heat pumps. Research and development in this subject as well as overseeing the demo site in Hungary is THEROWATT’s responsibility.


The grant agreement and the four-year project will be initiated on October 3rd, 2016.




The Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme for energy efficiency and innovation action under agreement No. 723925.

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