Inauguration ceremony of the Thermowatt heating-cooling system implemented in Budapest’s major military hospital

Istvan Tarlos Mayor of Budapest has handed over the symbolic key of the engine house to Csaba Hende Hungarian Minister of Defence. (Photo:

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October 7, 2014,

The Mayor of Budapest handed over the symbolic key of the wastewater heat recovery system’s engine house to the Hungarian Minister of Defence while attending a ceremony in Budapest to celebrate the inauguration of the most recent project designed and implemented by Thermowatt Ltd.

The ceremony took place at the end-consumer Hungarian Military Hospital State Health Centre and was also attended by a range of other stakeholders and beneficiaries as well significant numbers of journalists and media representatives.

Thermowatt’s technology recovers heat energy from wastewater and sewage streams and uses it to heat and cool building complexes. This is the third instance of a Thermowatt system being implemented in Budapest and, as far as the company is aware, is the largest example of such an approach being deployed anywhere in the world.

Istvan Tarlos, the Mayor of Budapest, explained that the investment of more than 700 million Hungarian Forints (approx. 3 million US Dollars) would realise the hospital 100 million HUF (approx. $400 000) of cost savings  in running heating and cooling facilities for each year of operation.

The Mayor spoke of ‘Budapest again presenting something new and innovative to the world – something that the whole country can be proud of.’ He said “Energy is one of the most problematic industries worldwide. We are running out of energy sources and people need to come up with new ways of solving this pressing issue, one of the most problematic aspects being heating.”

The Mayor then stressed how the Thermowatt system is exploiting a new resource that many had not thought of before and which was now efficiently heating and cooling a complex of buildings of more than forty thousand square metres (40,000 m2) in area.

Jozsef Palinkas, the Commissioner of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation, acknowledged the merits of the Thermowatt technology and said “It’s thanks to the work and expertise of Hungary’s finest engineers and contractors that we’ve been able to build a system of such size.”

Csaba Hende, the Hungarian Minister of Defence, added to the Mayor’s focus on the scale of the system by emphasising the security aspects.  “In addition to the financial savings it brings, this system is of great military and safety importance because now the Hospital is no longer completely dependent upon external sources for its heating and cooling energy.” He said.

“The Military Hospital in Budapest is a critical part of the capital and the country’s infrastructure since in case of any emergency, it has important duties to perform which cannot be fulfilled by any other hospital in the country. It’s therefore of key importance that the Military Hospital is as independent as possible from incidental circumstances and vulnerabilities like external energy sources.”

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