Our main profile is heat supply and air conditioning – utilizing the energy extracted from communal wastewater and thermal water using heat pumps for cooling and heating purposes.

Our other activities include:

  • planning, implementation and operation of wastewater heat utilization systems
  • installation and operation of biogas engines
  • energy consulting – building energy management


Wastewater utilization

Constructing and operating systems to heat and cool buildings using an appropriate quantity of wastewater and a unique patented technology based on heat exchangers and heat pumps.



Installation of gas engines

Installation of biogas-fuelled gas engines. Gas engines can be integrated into existing systems – either with a new unit or combined with an existing gas engine.



Energy consulting

Energy assessment and efficiency enhancement of buildings, industrial sites and other building engineering systems.

Our qualified and experienced engineers assess the condition, performance and utilization of operating equipment onsite. Having identified the current energy balance, changes are proposed and alternative opportunities are reviewed (such as the potential use of waste heat including that of wastewater-based heating/cooling). In addition to providing engineering services, we make cost-benefit calculations to offer an optimum solution for cutting operating costs. 

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