Environmental protection

Using green energy sources and utilizing waste heat are essential to address climate change resulting from increasing gas and oil production and the burning of fossil fuel. The reuse of wastewater heat reduces CO2 emissions.

The European Commission’s “Action Plan for Energy Efficiency” adopted by the Council of Europe in March 2007 and by the European Parliament on 31 June 2008 envisages a 20% energy efficiency enhancement by the year 2020.

Higher energy prices resulting in higher building operating costs is an increasingly critical challenge in today’s world. THERMOWATT 's technology helps companies, municipalities and property developers stop this trend and reduce their operating expenses.

Environmental protection plays an increasingly important role in the CSR activities of large enterprises. THERMOWATT ’s environmentally friendly solution meets all sustainability requirements and can therefore be a key component of the Sustainability Report of any property developer or operator.  

Bisnode is well-known for providing up-to-date and reliable information on companies all over Europe. In Sweden, Bisnode controls the world's first credit-evaluation system for companies, launched in 1989. In 2014 Bisnode qualified THERMOWATT Ltd. as a creditworthy company.