University of Szeged

University of Szeged

JATIK Building

The Greenest Hungarian University 

The heat resource is transported via a 700-meter-long pipeline from the Alsótelepi pumping station for the modernized heating and cooling system of the “greenest Hungarian university”. The administration of the University of Szeged commissioned a wastewater-heat recovery solution for their JATIK Building and was granted a 100% subsidy by the European Union to implement our technology. 

THERMOWATT, winning the public procurement process, was the main contractor. 

The system has been live since September 2015.

0 m3/h
Flow of Sewage
0 kW
Heat Pump capacity (heating)
0 kW
Heat Pump capacity (cooling)
Efficiency (COP)

Photo credit: Fiskális, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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