State-of-the-art solution


The THERMOWATT state-of-the-art technological innovation recovers thermal energy from communal and industrial sewage, and industrial waste heat to heat and cool buildings. The heat recovered is passed onto industrial heat pumps, while the used wastewater is led back to the sewer lines in a closed system that prevents the leakage of any hazardous material and odour.

The THERMOWATT innovative technology system’s main components are the wastewater filter, the heat exchanger and the heat pump. First, our system channels the wastewater from the main collector through a filter station removing solid particles, then to a reinforced concrete chamber located either in- or outside the building, below ground.

The solid particles are flushed back to the main collector line, so they do not need to be deposited or transported. The filtered raw wastewater enters the high-performance heat exchangers, and the heat energy recovered from the wastewater is transferred to the water-water heat pump with a compressor unit.

After implementing our proprietary and cost-effective heat utilization technology, we also undertake the operation and management of the system.

Fast and Easy Implementation

  • quick installation ( 5+ months)

  • integration into existing heating facility is possible
  • suitable for large energy demands
  • easy access and maintenance
  • scalable size allows for easy deployment both in urban areas and city centers, underground or in existing buildings
  • system elements can be linked underground as heat-exchanged water can be conducted for longer distances

Easy Operation and Maintenance

  • heat exchanger installed outside the sewage line allows for maintenance under constant technical conditions
  • established maintenance methodology and cycle
  • life-cycle of decades with heat pumps and pumps to be renewed or replaced every 10-15 years
  • software specifically developed for remote operation and supervision 24/7

  • system flexibility to end-user requirements
  • alarms for system irregularities

Sustainable Future

  • Net Zero local CO2 emission
  • single solution for heating and cooling

  • suitable for practically any cooling system
  • highly efficient energy source for a heat pump-based heating/cooling system
  • saving 70% on fossil energy
  • the closed system does not produce any odour or hazardous waste

  • wastewater composition remains unmodified ensuring stable conditions for cleaning or bioenergy production
  • suitable for water heating systems up to 63 °C
Who is it for

THERMOWATT is the Ideal Solution for You

THERMOWATT’s technology is highly suitable for large property developers and operators, facilities management companies, municipalities, hospital-, hotel- and datacenter infrastructure developers and production plants. It is an ideal solution in cities with a population starting from cca. 100,000 residents.

It is efficient for operators, investors and industries with high energy consumption, such as public institutions, hospitals, large medical centers, thermal spas, sports facilities, data centers, shopping malls, wastewater plants, schools and office buildings. As sewage is renewable, the technology can use output heat otherwise lost, such as heat generated in metropolitan underground railways and production plants.

Intellectual property

Patented Technology

The unique THERMOWATT technology patent – “Method and Circuit Arrangement for Recovering Heat from Wastewaters” (EP2612078) – has been granted in 37 countries. The innovation is already present in 14 countries. We run a project company in the UK and agents in France, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, South Korea and India. The company is in close cooperation with Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic. Our technology has already been verified in 6 large scale locations with multiple years of operation (10 MW total capacity).

Green energy

Net Zero Local CO2 Emission

In accordance with EU directives (RED II 2018), sewage heat is renewable. Our technology only uses electricity, so given green electricity, the system is Net Zero.

With heat pumps, the electricity is used in an efficient way, which is measured in COP (Coefficient of Performance). We use the sewage’s thermal energy to lower the required input energy, this way increasing the COP.

Tailor-made solutions

Flexible Business Model

Our qualified and experienced engineers assess the condition, performance and utilization of operating equipment onsite. Having identified the current energy balance, we propose changes and alternative opportunities get reviewed (such as the potential use of waste heat, including that of wastewater-based heating/cooling). Additionally to engineering services, we make cost-benefit calculations to offer an optimum solution for cutting operating costs. As part of the process, we always compare the THERMOWATT Solution with the conventional solutions to give you the best options.

The construction and operation of the system can be done separately so that customers can use a local contractor for construction and installation while we help you with centralized remote supervision.

System operation can be divided into two parts:

  • sewage screening and heat exchange with people experienced in wastewater operations
  • heat pumping with people experienced in HVAC