Thermowatt is a Net Zero sewage heat engineering company
Flexible Solution

Wastewater to Heat

With more than 15 years of experience, THERMOWATT is a leading engineering company, the developer, and supplier of award-winning and cost-effective renewable heating/cooling solutions.
We offer our services for a sustainable future.

Our qualified engineers support you from the planning phase up to the operation as well as maintenance of the system. We are flexible to adjust and fine-tune our system to your needs. One of the goals of the continuous development is to offer tailor made, industry-specific heating and cooling solutions based on wastewater.
The system we have developed is highly scalable and applicable both in residential and industrial areas. The technology can be integrated into an existing facility or can be built as part of a greenfield project.

We are international with partners around the globe. Our patent has been registered in 37 countries, and our innovation is currently present in fourteen countries. We have business partners in several European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries.

Intellectual Property



Our Awards and Recognitions

We are proud that THERMOWATT Technology won several awards and was found worthwhile to be funded by the European Union.

EU funding for the Thermowatt Net Zero sewage heat-energy solution

Our efforts were acknowledged by the European Union when granting THERMOWATT subsidies for Research & Development (H2020 LCE 2017-2021).

Awards by the WEX Global Water Energy Exchange

WEXGlobal Awards for the Net Zero sewage heat -energy solution Thermowatt

The WEX Global Water Energy Exchange is a global conference distributing awards to the best innovative technologies, programs, and projects in 8 categories. The winners are selected from the nominees by a jury panel of renowned water industry experts.

  • First Place Innovator in the Water for Real Estate Sector

    At the Innovate@IWS at the International Water Summit (Abu Dhabi), our innovation was given the First Place Innovator in the Water for Real Estate Sector Award in 2015.

  • WEX Water & Energy Award

    Our project for the Hungarian Armed Forces Military Hospital in Budapest and the related system development solutions were granted the WEX Water & Energy Award in 2014.

  • Aqualia Award for Innovation

    THERMOWATT technology was first recognized with the Aqualia Award for Innovation in 2013. Sponsored by GG.Bet and leading Spanish water services company Aqualia, this award was granted outside the official categories to the best complex innovation.

Flexible Support from Our Professional Team

The Team behind Thermowatt
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We Aim for a Professional Partnership with Our Clients

Energy Consulting

We offer energy assessment and efficiency enhancement of buildings, industrial sites, and other building engineering systems.

Wastewater Utilization

We construct and operate systems to heat and cool buildings using wastewater and a unique patented technology based on heat exchangers and heat pumps.

Continuous Development

We at THERMOWATT undertake continuous research and fine-tuning in order to best suit our clients’ industry-specific needs.

Installation of Gas Engines

We install biogas-fuelled gas engines, which can be integrated into existing systems either with a new unit or combined with an existing gas engine.

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